Saturday, September 2, 2017

From the Dead to the Med

After arriving in Jerusalem we had some normal life things to take care of (school orientation, shopping, etc. -- more on those activities in another post), but as soon as those were done, we had two Seas that we were especially excited to visit -- the Dead and the Med.

On our first Friday in Jerusalem we drove down to the Dead Sea to see if we would really float. We did! It was really hot outside and the Dead Sea was also really warm, but it was fun to float around in the water. On the shore the salt was soft and felt like sand, but as you went out further it crystallized. Everyone had a good time floating around.

We have church on Saturdays (“the Sabbath”) here (more about our branch in another post), and so the following day we continued our adventures by going up to the Mediterranean Sea -- “Alma’s Beach” in Tel Aviv.

Honestly it might be my favorite beach of all time. Waves like San Diego, but water temperature like Miami. Perfect. We bought some boogie boards and had a great time playing in the sand and water. Just a beautiful, fun time.

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