Monday, February 1, 2016

2015 Update

Happy New Year from the John and Lani Hilton Family!
whole family on xian wall
2015 Family Highlights: Living in Xi’an, China for five weeks; Hiking Hua Shan; Aspen grove Family Camp; Arches National Park;  Tim and Rebecca’s wedding;  three kids in braces at once;  touching and viewing a historic 170 year old Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith gave to one of our ancestors! Family miracles: moved to a new house and sold our old house!
Levi-14, started high school, AP Biology and AP Human Geography; launched his first two video games; successful Kickstarter campaign; Havasupi with John; Eagle project making bunk beds for families in Tijuana; first place wrestler; honors piano recital; great chef, surpassed his mom’s height!
Annemarie-13, made her first quilt; completed Personal Progress; awarded “hope of America” certificate at sixth grade graduation; violin and piano practicer; bread baker, received award for reading the most pages of anyone else in the whole school for the year!
Maria-11, student council; diligent on violin and piano; running club; singing, top student; Chinese speaker; most creative hide and seeker; best tickler; scripture memorizer!
Joseph-9, hiked Mt. Timpanogos for the first time, and hiked it with his mom; was baptized; soccer, running club, piano lessons; wolf cub scout; Chinese writing and reading; read Harry Potter series and 200 other books, loves biographies and foot massages!
Katrina-6, lost her first tooth! started piano lessons; tumbling; kind helper, avid reader; loves to talk and talk and talk; and sing!
Rebekah-2, gets so excited about life, especially activities with her family and time at dad’s office; articulate talker; loves the slide at the pool, loves going to the park; brings such joy!
Lani- trip to Miami with John; celebrating 15 years of marriage! Speaking at Education Week; dabbled in Chinese; graduate class at BYU; hiking, running; hours spent ensuring children practice music; blown away at how fast the children are growing up and what talented, delightful people they are!
John- awarded the Brigham Award at BYU! Loads of Open Education Research and Publications; Religious Education Research and Publications; Havasupi trip with Levi and young men; teaching Annemarie and Maria as students in the college courses in China; buying a house with his dream view!