Monday, July 5, 2010

June Update

What a sweet month it was!

Here's some pictures to prove it:

We went with Uncle Bryson and Aunt Janet to Timp Caves. More of a hike than Dad was counting on, but still fun!

On the way back from the hike, Levi found a snake.

Levi with "Birdy" who sadly died from wounds (not caused by Levi).

Kids with the butterflies Levi got for his birthday (are you sensing a pattern with Levi and animals? If not try:)

Levi with fish caught at Bear Lake (he also caught a bunny that picture not included).

Katrina loving her birthday cupcakes!

Later a special cake made by Aunt Mindy. Katrina kept saying "Oooh" when she looked at it.

Annemarie and Joseph having fun at the zoo!

The Bear Lake reunion was an adventure! Camping, fishing, 4 wheeling and horseback riding. Thanks to all the family members who made it possible. Cousin Adam here leads Annemarie and Maria around on horses!

A great highlight for us was a private trip to Hawaii for John and Lani. Thanks to Grandma and Aunt Lise for watching the kids!!

Lani sneaking a kiss with a dolphin!

Lani loved seeing her name all over the place in Hawaii. We have a half a dozen pictures like the one above!

Truth be told, these things actually happened in May and June, so this wasn't just all from one month. Already in July we've had a great Hilton Family Reunion, more excitement to be reported in a future blog post!