Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Notes and a Cool Video

So some fun stuff happened this month. Two stories come to mind. First, -- going sledding in Midway ... while there, Katrina was left unattended in the parked car (keys not in the ignition) for 20 seconds. During that time she locked all the doors. Both sets of keys and phones were in the car. Yikes! Katrina has learned how to lock the door, but not unlock it. So we had to borrow a phone and call the police. Upon arriving home, I taught Katrina how to unlock doors.

Second, Lani found Joseph coloring on his shirt. "Oh no," she told him. "We don't write on shirts." "But mom," Joseph said. "I'm trying to be like Captain Moroni, making the title of liberty!" It was a great teaching moment for both Joseph and Lani, and Lani, Joseph, and Maria later "rent" some cloth and made titles of liberty.

Last, but not least, a fun video of Levi playing the piano with his eyes closed: