Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 Christmas Card

2016 was a REWARDING year for the HILTONS

Rebekah (3)-Started Joy School & preschool; Says things like: “Thank you for everything you do for me Mom. I love you. You are the best mom ever.”  We won’t mention things of another nature that may also have been saidJ. Joyful award!

Katrina (7) –began and is now excelling in tumbling; knows bass clef notes better than treble; swinging & climbing up rope swings; trampoline flips, reading and writing Chinese; running club; reads books and plays house like a pro. Flexibility award!

Joseph (10)- having John coach his soccer team; growing a 15 lb watermelon; tennis; read multiple book series; made a three story house out of popsicle sticks that is still standing 6 months later; drawing; cub scouts; pianist; great runner. Creativity award!

Maria (12) – excelling in violin and piano; began horseback riding; spoke at 6th grade graduation; student body officer; hiked Mt. Timp for first time; best babysitter; pro at junior high already; avid reader; sweet singer. Sweet sister award!

Annemarie (14) – aced a college level Chinese class; mock trial in 8th grade; on ballroom dance team; advanced choir and orchestra; visited all temples in Utah; challenges herself; beautiful pianist. Goal setter award!

Levi (15) – responsible driver!  Super wrestler; speedy snow skier; created an “Apostle Paul” video game; successful bodybuilder& billionaire model—hmmm wonder who wrote that? entertains us with his wit & wisdom; excels in school. Most muscular award!

Lani – visited her birthplace in Hawaii with 2 oldest kids; 20-year hs reunion in San Diego!  Hiking; writing; taking kids to Mesa-Verde & Grand Canyon; day in/day out coordinating lives of 8 very different but amazing people. Laughter award!

John- Continued world-class Open Educational Resource Research; took three oldest kids to China for summer, toured Beijihg and hiked the Great Wall; top-notch religion professor at BYU; traveled more than 60,000 miles for work, fun dad who does magic tricks; Best husband award!

We also survived finding a lost child, stiches, hail and thunder storms while hiking, losing teeth, x-rays, skiing multiple times as a family with only minor injuries, boogie boarding in freezing water, two flat tires in one day, a lot of mess and even more noise, reading thousands of books, and buying (and using) 360 rolls of toilet paper!

2016 has brought an outpouring of blessings from heaven! We love our Savior & celebrate His Birth with joy!!!  Love, John and Lani Hilton family