Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raking Leaves

We had a great time this last week raking leaves with Grams. Levi mowed up a ton of leaves!

Everyone participated ... with so many people working we were done super fast.

Even Katrina helped!

Afterward we went to Rancho Markets and had a sweet Mexican dinner.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great Halloween. Everyone had been very excited. Our friend Okyhun Son came and joined the festivities. Above is a picture of her, Lani and all the kids!

Katrina in particular was very excited about getting candy, even if she got tired later on and had to be carried.

After we got home from trick or treating we (the kids) ate tons of candy and then we went and visited Grams and trick or treated there. It was fun! That led to us going back over to her house on Friday and watching the movie The Great Race. It was a great memory.

Making Blocks

For my Eagle Project many years ago I made toy blocks for children at a homeless shelter. As our family prepares to go to Mexico this Christmas we have been trying to figure out some projects we could do now that we could perhaps give to those we serve this Christmas. Sister Stokes, an awesome lady in our ward, suggested making toy blocks, and since I have some experience with it, we decided to give it a go. Making T-Shirt dresses, and doing a cookie sale at Target to raise money are also on the list.

Yesterday we went to Lowes to buy the wood for the blocks (for my Eagle Project I worked hard to get donated lumber, but figured that would be too much hassle this time around). We selected some pieces of wood, and everyone was excited!

Mom and dad we really excited because Bryson (the employee who helped us find the wood) gave us the ultimate hookup when he volunteer to do all the cutting for us for free (normal charge = 25 cents a cut which would have been about $50.00 in our case). He said that because the blocks were for orphans he would do it no charge.

We marked the blocks right then and there to get the right lengths on all the different lengths of blocks.

Then we watched Bryson in action!

Levi counted up all of our blocks and we have about 200. We'll be sanding and oiling them in the next week or two and the kids plan to sew bags for them. We're excited!