Friday, April 1, 2011

Building a Cabin

One of my goals is to spend a few minutes of individual time with each child each day. With the older children it's easy to find 1 on 1 time, because they demand it (and need help with their homework!) The younger children however aren't as demanding, but they are still super fun to play with!

This past week Joseph and I had an awesome idea of something we could do together. We build a Lincoln Log cabin!

It was so fun to just spend time talking with Joseph and building with him.

Another recent highlight was Levi's Knowledge Bowl competition. His team DOMINATED the competition. In one game out of 20 questions, the other team never even answered one, Levi's team was so fast. In the parents VS kids round, the parents got smoked!

One of the best things we are doing is that dad takes one child out on a special date each week. We love that time together!