Monday, December 7, 2009

November Update

I've been waiting until I uploaded pictures to the computer to make this entry; however, I still haven't gotten around to that so I thought a picture-less entry was better than none at all. Sorry, I will do better.

One highlight in November was a family trip to Vernal, UT home of a great dinosaur museum. I spoke at a Best of EFY while Lani and the kids toured the museum. Then we all went to Dinosaur National Park and had a great time exploring the terrain. We also visited the home of Lani's mother.

Thanksgiving was a great event. About 45 people gathered together at Lani's parents house. Our kids were surprised to find out that somebody surprised us with a new giant blow up Santa that is right by our front door. Actually it was the same Santa we had last yaer, but they thought it broke; Lani fixed it and everyone was happy!

Lani is doing an amazing job keeping the house moving along. It's strange to say, because it seems so long ago, but we also moved into our new house this month. Many family members and friends helped and we are SO grateful. We enjoy our new home very much.