Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sailing away...

Well...this website is sadly outdated. I received an email of rebuke from a friend that has prompted a quick update on our lives and happenings.

After four beautiful years in Miami, we felt it was time for us to move on...so we have relocated to Orem, UT. John is in a doctoral program at BYU studying Instructional Psychology. He also teaches some religion classes for BYU. He also writes and travels, speaking with Best of EFY and Deseret Book's Timeout.

Lani is busy with four great children, and really enjoying living closer to family. (We now live within blocks of her parents, grandpa, 3 sisters, and several nieces and nephews. Everyone has enjoyed being closer to family. We will now likely get more visits from John's family and have enjoyed being closer to John's siblings in Utah. Lani also is taking a family history class at BYU!