Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Update

It has been a great month!

One of the most exciting things is that we bought a house. We haven't moved in yet, but hope to soon. Some remodeling has been done and we are very happy with it. We celebrated the day that we bought the house by having french toast with our new neighbors -- Lani's parents! The first remodeling that was done was a gate between our houses! :)

The kids had a great month. Levi spent most of his time at the new house working on a fort in the backyard. It is awesome! He also helped with a lot of the remodeling work.

Annemarie stayed home from school one day and had a lot of fun helping her mom pack.

Maria turned 5 this month. She is a great young lady!

Joseph and Katrina have been having lots of fun at home with mom.

Lani and John gave a speech on motherhood that was taped for broadcast by BYU TV as part of the Sperry Symposium. That was exciting. More details on that to come.

Everyone loved trick-or-treating...especially at Grams' house. Pictures to follow.