Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Fun Friday in the Old City

This past Friday afternoon, Joseph, Maria and I left on a little adventure. Although it only takes 20 minutes to walk to the Old City, we decided to take the 275 bus that runs from just outside the JC to Damascus Gate. Because we live in East Jerusalem, everyone on the bus except us spoke in Arabic, but we were still able to strike up a couple of brief conversations.

In our travels to Xi’an, we loved getting meat sticks. Imagine our delight when we found these kebabs!

We explored some shops and Joseph and Maria got some good deals. One kind shopkeeper gave Joseph a coin from the 6th century for free! He was really excited.

Maria had never been to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, so we went there and showed her some of our favorite sites. One of these is the tombs that date to the 1st century. You can go inside the tomb and imagine what it might have been like at the time of Christ.
We walked over to the Western Wall where we had welcomed in the Sabbath the week before and saw it from a different viewpoint. After that we figured out where the bus stop to go back and discovered it was right below the Golgotha site that is part of the Garden Tomb!

Love that we can do all of these things within a mile radius of our house!


Shawna said...

That is so amazing! And I'm glad you are writing about your adventures so I can imagine you being there!

Unknown said...

Jay and I love reading about your adventures.