Monday, December 27, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021


2021 was a Fabulous one for the Hilton Clan

This year was filled with happy times-- some were blessings straight from heaven, some were from rolling with the punches, and some were from seizing the opportunity presented. A few family highlights include: intense rounds of Bang and Great Dalmuti; Tamaki, Hot Pot and Traeger grill meals at home; star gazing and cliff jumping in Lake Powell; learning old love songs and classy ballroom dance routines then performing them for grandparent’s anniversary; fun in the rivers of water in the street after a huge downpour; hot tubbing; biking; kayaking at Deer Creek; high ropes course at Aspen Grove; buffalo burgers in North Dakota; butterbeer at Harry Potter World; spider monkeys sitting on our heads; visiting ancient Mayan ruins; Redwoods; Mt. Rushmore.

Levi (20) – Serving and teaching the people of the Georgia Atlanta North Mission! Witnessing of Jesus Christ and being a part of miracles--amazing! Write to him at  He returns home in August.

Annemarie (19) – Enjoying fun college life as a BYU freshman. Smart in chemistry and everything else. Has meals provided but still bakes in the dorm basement; National AP Scholar; Nelson Scholar; We miss her! Planning on departing on an 18-month mission shortly. A delight.

Maria (17) – Chamber and A Capella choir, is loved at her work--a retirement center, 3rd year in a row FCCLA nationals; Homecoming court; budding photographer; literature analyst. Ready for college next year, but we aren’t ready for her to go—she is seriously wonderful.

Joseph (15) – Kind brother! 2nd place in his tennis league; several magic shows with John; humanitarian trip to Guatemala with Lani during Thanksgiving week; 50-mile back packing trip to Kings Peak; church history trip with John.  Hard worker.

Katrina (12) – Fun sister; read Lord of the Rings & the Work and the Glory series; honored for high academic achievement at 6th grade graduation; reads imaginative stories. She is awesome.

Rebekah (8) – Went 100 days without sugar for $100; sang a short solo at her baptism; earned two 1st place awards in Irish dance; excited to get a retainer; fast runner, held a sloth in Honduras; wrote a 3-page persuasive essay on why she should have a dog, still no dog, but she is persuasive.

Lani- Planning for and celebrating her parents 50th wedding anniversary! So great to honor their incredible lives, their commitment to each other and to Jesus Christ! Zip line roller coaster in Puerta Vallarta with John; Brought children to Mt. Rushmore, the Redwoods, and San Francisco!

John- Published Considering the Cross, all about feeling love and connection with Jesus Christ through his death. Lani says it is the best thing he has ever written! Received an award for his research and for his book published last year The Founder of Our Peace.

Some of our favorite titles of Jesus Christ: Savior (Maria) The High Priest of good things to come (Levi) Alpha and Omega (John) Lamb of God (Rebekah) Omnipotent One (Joseph) Prince of Peace (Annemarie) Advocate (Lani) The Good Shepherd (Katrina). Through all the turmoil and uncertainty of the world it is a miracle to feel peace and stability through Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for this. We BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST and HIS POWER TO SAVE. Life is SO good when we LOOK to the Savior for the HOPE and LOVE that only He can give!   

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

Love, John and Lani Hilton family

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Lewis Family said...

Wonderful, model family. Thanks for sharing your good lives with us, keep up the great work!