Monday, August 19, 2013

Super Trip Part 1 -- San Diego Beaches

We were really blessed this summer with the opportunity to take a super trip! I'm going to blog about it in four parts -- Part 1 is the San Diego beaches!  We began our trip by driving to San Diego and spending the night with my sister Janet and her husband Jeffrey. They were gracious hosts and our kids had fun exploring their house and surrounding areas. 

The next morning we drove straight to La Jolla Shores, and spent a few hours at the beach. The kids loved it. We went "home" to Dale and Kathy's house. They are Lani's uncle and aunt and were incredibly gracious throughout our trip; it would not have been possible without them.

The next morning we went to La Jolla Cove and saw the Sea Lions up close and explored the caves. Some people tried to snorkel, but didn't do too well as the water was cold and choppy. That didn't stop the brave explorers from combing the rocks looking for sea creatures though!

We then went up to Torrey Pines. Even though Lani grew up in San Diego, she had never been there, but it turned out to be one of our favorite places. There were awesome hikes and and the kids loved boogie boarding. It was great! There was an incredible cliff hike, made doubly so as we hiked down cliffs towards the beach while the sun was setting. 

Wednesday we went to Point Loma and explored the tide pools, visitors center and light house for several hours. It was beautiful being out on the ocean, feeling the cool breezes upon our faces. Then we got pizza and went to Mission Bay to see some of Lani's old HS friends. Thursday we went to Silver Strand beach. Our kids were starting to get beached out (I didn't think that was possible!) and after a few hours wanted to go home. We stopped by the pier at Imperial Beach and had some seafood (Lani and I did this years earlier and have great memories of Imperial Beach. It's definitely underrated)! 

 It was good to go home early though, because we had lots of things to prepare for our trip to Mexico. Part two of the trip was about to begin....!

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