Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Update

January was a wonderful month for the Hilton Family! We so much enjoy living next door to Lani's parents and the constant interactions with her family. We were also blessed this month to have Cameron live with us for a couple of weeks and to have some visits from Janet!

Katrina started crawling, Joseph made progress on potty training, Maria is reading, Annemarie got to visit her grandparents, Levi made Pokemon cards, Lani was invited to speak at a Stake Relief Society meeting and I finished writing my dissertation (I defend it this month).

While reading Elder Russell M. Nelson's biography I learned that he would sometimes take his children on business trips with him. I don't go on many business trips, but I do go speak at youth conferences from time to time and so I've tried a couple of times to take individual children with me.

This past month Annemarie and I went to Seattle. We both had a wonderful time being with my parents, and Annemarie made her own doll (with a little help from Grandma!)

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Melissa said...

Very cute doll, Annemarie! It sounds like you've had a fun and busy month.