Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

We are sorry we (once again) missed the opportunity to send you a Christmas card, but we are grateful we are getting this out now instead of sending you a St. Patrick's Day card (no disrespect intended towards our Irish relatives). One of our goals for 2009 is to blog at least monthly so feel free to add us to your your lists of blogs that you check...our Christmas ecard is below as a .jpg file...we hope you can see it! If not, the text is below the image file.

2008 was an amazing year for the Hilton family. In January Lani and John went on a cruise and deeply enjoyed their private getaway. In February we went to Universal Studios one last time before our passes expired. In March and April we cleaned and showed our home time after time but with no results. May brought trips to Key Largo and Key West where we snorkeled with sharks. We wanted to get as much beach time in as possible before June, which was the month of the move. Miraculously we sold our home at the last moment, kind friends helped us load our stuff, and Lani drove our four children across the country with the help of her brother Tim. John followed a month a later and July and August were spent being with family members in Utah and Washington, as well as trips for EFY. In September Joseph was as busy as ever, Maria enjoyed music class with mom, Annemarie started kindergarten, Levi started 2nd grade, Lani took a Family History class and John started a Ph.D program in Instructional Psychology at BYU, and teaching Religion there as well. The last three months have been a blur as we’ve tried our best to balance the many demands of life, enjoyed being so much closer to family, and discovered Lani is expecting a new baby. Though we miss Miami and think of it often, we are grateful to be in Utah. We had one of our best Christmases ever and enjoyed many new traditions that brought us closer to the Savior. We pray that the year 2009 will be a wonderful year for you and your loved ones.